Close the door to the virus, not to people!
Protect yourself with elegance, comfort and quality
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Transparent, superlight and breathable
it protects you without tiring you.
Natural, anallergic and ultra-breathable filter, seven times more breathable.
You don't notice you are wearing it.
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Unique, elegant, innovative!
A real medical device for the control of important
vital functions.
Coming Soon
Multifunctional table lamp
UV-C sterilizer system & wireless recharger for smartphone/watch

The combination of design and technology, strictly made in Italy

Aiko Industry was born with a precise industrial project for the development and marketing of highly innovative patented medical products and devices, with a high value and technological content and with a strong social impact without neglecting functionality. Our aim is to develop products that can reduce social distancing, psychological and environmental impact, while preserving people’s health with results far higher than national and international standards.
Our products are framed by attention to details, a design with a modern taste, elegant and of extreme quality… a mix of a typical Made in Italy trademark

MEDICAL HEALTH DEVICE released by the Ministry of Health
No. 2006694 – DIRECTIVE 93/42 / EC – Medical Device Class 1

Natural filter, hypoallergenic and super-breathable,
seven times more breathable and you don’t even know you have it.

A unique and innovative technology,
with HELIX™️ filter inside.

Unique, elegant and innovative!
A real medical aid for the control of vital functions.

Multifunctional table lamp.
UV-C sterilizer & Wireless recharger for smartphone / watch.

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”
Alan Kay